Untrue.News: making fake news findable

Making fake stories findable

Multipurpose Search Engines like Google have been used to retrieve all kinds of content available on Internet. However, when people want to get to know specifically about Fake Stories involving a particular person or a subject, regular search engines don't provide satisfying results.

Untrue.News is a unique search engine designed exclusively for retrieving Fake Stories and their Authors, filling a gap left by Multipurpose tools.

Different Languages

What are the fake stories spread out in Austria or Brazil about “Greta Thunberg”? Untrue News combines fake stories in different languages around the same subject or person, providing unique results on the user’s language.

Academic Friendly

This platform acts as an academic umbrella for many people interested in exploring different subjects. For example, User Experience (UX), Big Data Analytics, Open Data, Machine Learning, and Language Technologies. Additionally, the source code is available on the internet as an Open Source project, for fostering collaboration and the development of new tools for fighting disinformation.


Untrue News distinguishes itself from other search engines by not profiling users: it shows everyone the same search results! User's privacy is a very important to us, and Untrue News makes sure that searchers' privacy is protected, while it also avoids the filter bubble of personalized search results.

About Us

We're a collective of people united by a common interest: fight disinformation.

If you're interested in collaborating, drop a line ✉️ . There's still a lot to do ;)

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